Art By Joel

i'm Joel, an author, visual artist, and designer from Washington, DC. 

You might have stumbled here looking for Monumental Threads. You can find the online store here. I'm still in the process of developing, so it may look a bit more spartan than you're accustomed to.

My shirts are currently available at Metro Mutts located at 508 H Street NE and 407 8th St SE.
Stay tuned for more retail outlets coming soon!

We will also be featured at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill on Sunday, April 29nd.
Come on out and snag some sweet gear!

For those neighborhoods not featured on the main store, never fear! There's also a temporary Monumental Threads shop available conveniently at Cafepress.

Since you're already here, you might as well check out my other offerings including my abstract geometric art and my first novel.


I've been guest writing columns at the hottest new blog, DC Style Is Real.

My recently-published collection of short stories, Fingerprints, is available for your perusal and purchase. 

Here's a taste from one of the stories --

It was a characteristically cold January Tuesday. She had awakened early, earlier than usual. A sense of discomfort would begin to wade through her mind as she turned to notice the face down, sleeping body amidst the tangled, slightly off-white sheets and the green and red flannel blanket clinging to the edge of the bed like discarded wrapping paper. The kaleidoscope screensaver bathed the room in a dull flicker, allowing shapes and their blurred edges to be seen, but nothing more.

Fingerprints is now available in print on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as digitally in the Kindle format.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. enjoy your stay!
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